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Sleeping Tablets


Welcome to - We are a dependable online pharmacy and supreme supplier of sleeping medications used in treating sleeping ailments, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic sleeping troubles. Our sleeping tablets are approved by the federal agency Food and Drug Association (FDA). One can easily buy sleeping pills online from the comfort of their homes, even without a prescription.


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Unfortunatelly the meds where not delivered at all after sending money to :joyce Flausino - typical scam


I'm afraid this is a scam

Paid, no order delivered. The phone number given is a furniture store in the West Midlands who know nothing about them, their Facebook page doesn't exist.m A "whois" lookup shows they are based in Vietnam. The sort code is for an international money transfer outfit. The "tracking number" doesn't work. AVOID.

S9036408 . - 17/06/2020

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